I was laying in the garden today sunbathing and drinking wine. It was lovely and I was with my friends and we had a great afternoon.

I’m calming down now after the stalker business. He seems to have disappeared, especially after I reported him to the dating site and they contacted him on my behalf. So hopefully that stress in my life is now over and I won’t have to worry about that again.

We were having a great time, we had a water fight and it was really good to be with my friends and chilled out again after several weeks of being quite stressed.

I’ve been stressed out about getting my thesis written, and then having to get the thesis abstract written as well because I forgot about it, and then I had to stitch them together.

What happened today to make me panicky was I had a call on my mobile from the College. I was terrified. When I answered it was my tutor, I thought this is it, he is going to tell me I cheated and that I’m off the course.

But it was completely unrelated, it was just a coursework change and he wanted to tell everyone that he was going to be sending out the next day so not to start anything in advance of that. I was so worried by the end of it, that I really went into heavy drinking when I put the phone down.

I thought he was going to accuse me of having my thesis written for me, I thought he was going to say he had found it online somewhere or someone had a similar one handed in or something like that, so I was really really concerned for just a moment.

But it wasn’t the case and I’m in the clear I think. I’ve learnt a lesson from this, and that’s that I have to knuckle down and get on with my course. I want this degree but I want it on my own terms, through my own hard work, not through cheating. I have to say that cheating is actually more stressful for me, and I cannot with my own conscience continue to do it.