I’m going to admit to a couple of things here that I am not proud of and that I would not share with anybody I know, because it could sink me in so many ways.

I had struggled with my thesis, I have done the research and everything was in place, but I really could not get to grips with writing my thesis, so instead of doing the thesis writing myself, I hired a writer to do it for me.

Once it had been written by this writer, which I found via a website, I edited it to make it more my own and then I got it ready to hand in. But I realised that I did not have a thesis abstract, and I didn’t really have much idea about how to go about writing a thesis abstract either.

I tried to write it for several days and it just did not accurately represent what was in the thesis and it didn’t set expectations for what was in there either.

So I panicked and I ordered a thesis abstract from the same company online.

So I have in fact cheated twice with my thesis. I have had the thesis itself written, and now the abstract as well, so I feel double bad and to be honest I can barely look in the mirror at the minute, I am just so mortified about the cheating I have done.

I have never done this before, but I think a combination of panic, falling behind with my work, not feeling good about myself, and maybe too much alcohol at the moment, made me do it. I was in a poor state of mind and I just want to make sure I don’t squander this year of learning.

So I am now waiting for the thesis abstract to come back from the company I have ordered it from. I’m not sure how close to the original thesis I ordered it will be, so that will be interesting and I may have to juggle some things around to get it all to read and feel the same.

There you go that’s my confession. I’ve cheated with my thesis, a major part of my degree course this year, and I’m not proud at all.