I’m currently in my first year of a three-year degree course and I have to say that it’s more of a struggle than I thought.

I’m single and don’t have many other out going issues, but it has been tough getting to grips with the workload and the motivation to get on with the work I have to do. But it’s not just about work it’s about writing and it’s about research, and it’s all adding to the tension I have in me.

I’m hoping this blog will help to ease the tension by helping me to remain calm. I’m hoping that I can write a lot here that is bubbling away in my brain and hopefully I can stop myself from exploding at times. I have a good group of friends but none of them are doing what I’m doing, and I’m also not on campus I’m living in my local town, and travelling to university a few times week.

So I’m a little bit out of the university life as well, and that makes it even tougher.

But to put a good light on things I do have a great group of friends and I’m highly motivated to get this done, because if I don’t it will be a waste of the time, effort and money I have put into it. It also means it will limit my opportunities in years to come, and I want to make sure I get a good job before I then look at having a family.

In terms of this blog, I have no idea where it will go, it’s mostly just an online notepad for me to jot things down that are in my head, it could be how I am feeling, what I’m doing, what my goals are over the next few days, weeks or months. I really don’t know at the moment.

Anyway, that’s it for now, there are some things I want to address in this blog which are quite serious and will probably start talking about those next. But for now I think that will do I think I will bore anybody who’s reading this to tears.